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Stop Fighting Marijuana Legalization And Focus On Alcohol And Tobacco Instead

Turns out weed is about 114 times less deadly than booze – but some of us suspected as much didn’t we. It also turns out there are a whole lot more health benefits to marijuana than tobacco and alcohol. Shouldn’t we as a nation just go ahead and accept this and legalize cannabis; particularly since […] - (read more)

Could melatonin drug treat neuropathic pain?

With the new DEA rules on the presciption of Opiods, this could be incredibly good news for people with chronic neuropathic pain. It will be interesting to see if the Veterans Administration would be willing to try a treatment including melatonin drugs to help those with this type of pain. It may help to ease […] - (read more)

David Carr – Beloved by All

I have spent last night and this morning reading from the NYT’s archives of David Carr’s work. I have never read David Carr, and now that I have, I feel I have missed out on a great deal of some of the best writing in journalism. I decided to do this reading because of the […] - (read more)

Immunization Schedules

So, look. There’s a measles outbreak in the western US states. If for some reason, you’ve not vaccinated your children and the possibilities of measles is sort of scaring you (and make no mistake, measles is no joke), below is the link to the CDC and Immunization schedules for people of all ages. Take care […] - (read more)