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Why There are Fewer Breweries in the South

I’ve traveled through the bible belt from Virginia to Texas, around the Carolinas and through Georgia. I lived in the Southwest and traveled through New Mexico, Denver, and Portland. My experiences in both these regions were completely and utterly different when it came to amount of alcohol consumed. I remember visiting my uncle in Texas […] - (read more)

Generational Split in The Movement To Change Marijuana Laws

So, I’m not really sure how one (talking to you Senator Hatch) can be supportive of a State policy that allows death by firing squad (or…just the plain old death penalty for that matter) but not be in favor of medical marijuana. It sort of seems like that would be a fairly inexpensive way for […] - (read more)

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous

Odds are, you will know someone who is in or needs rehab for excessive alcohol or narcotic abuse. The efficacy of Alcoholics Anonymous has been questioned for years, but finally the debate seems to be a bit more public than it used to be. Here’s a fantastic article about how AA doesn’t have a basis […] - (read more)

Stop Fighting Marijuana Legalization And Focus On Alcohol And Tobacco Instead

Turns out weed is about 114 times less deadly than booze – but some of us suspected as much didn’t we. It also turns out there are a whole lot more health benefits to marijuana than tobacco and alcohol. Shouldn’t we as a nation just go ahead and accept this and legalize cannabis; particularly since […] - (read more)