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All walks of life among Malaysia plane passengers

In light of the politics involved in the downing of the Malaysian plane, its important to not overlook the people who lost their lives and the contributions they made to the world they lived in. Read the article for more on these people. International passengers from all walks of life, from a prominent AIDS researcher […] - (read more)

Narcotic Deals Most Prevalent on the List of Wiretap Court Authorizations

In case you were wondering how the world’s top drug lord was captured earlier this year, here’s an article that breaks it down by how many wiretaps are approved and for what reasons. If nothing else, this is an interesting information and makes one wonder how long before our domestic law enforcement agencies become like […] - (read more)

Why Iran has a progressive drug rehab program alongside death sentences for drug crimes

This is actually a pretty interesting article. Americans probably never ever would consider that Iran and progressive drug policy would be in the same sentence, but it appears that Iran could actually do a lot of schooling to countries all over the world in this regard. Iran is a model for many countries in the […] - (read more)

Mushroom Tripping and Dreaming – Similar

Hmm…who knew. This similarty occurs in a very real, physiological way, a revelation that comes courtesy of research out this week from Imperial College London demonstrating remarkable similarities between the brain’s functioning during dream states and trip states, at least as induced by the active compound in psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin. The experiment took 15 subjects […] - (read more)