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Heart disease patients need to exercise to benefit from the protective effects of wine

So, look. To protect your heart, you have to eat well, and you have to exercise – that’s how you do it. If you add things that provide supplemental benefits, like red wine, then great, but you still have to exercise. And let’s be real – if you liver is shot to hell from drinking […] - (read more)

Pill-addicted veterans get second chance with treatment court

Here is a powerful story about how treatment courts (aka drug courts) have expanded in some areas to be Veteran treatment courts, which is a combination of a drug court and a mental health court, with the hopes of helping vets with PTSD get a second chance at a productive life. Pill-addicted veterans get second […] - (read more)

Updates for Veterans Announced at the American Legion Conference

Over at the Crafty Veteran, there is a roundup of articles and video about the updates/upgrades and new implementations that will affect Veterans. Veterans Updates Announced at the American Legion Conference There were a lot of announcements yesterday by both the President and the VA Secretary, from their appearances at the American Legion’s Annual Conference. […] - (read more)

Medical Marijuana Can Help Lower Painkiller Abuse, New Study Suggests

This certainly seems like a benefit of passing laws allowing for medical marijuana. In American states where the use of medical marijuana is legal, the annual number of deaths from prescription-drug overdose is 25 percent lower than in states where medical marijuana is illegal, a new study suggests, adding fresh fuel to the debate over […] - (read more)